Life Insurance, Protection, and Medicare  

“the amount or type of insurance you have in place today is neither right or wrong, until you compare it to what you would want to happen for yourself or those you care for – in case it is needed ”    


a different approach

Our goals are to simply help people with their insurance needs in a responsible way.

In other words, doing good and sharing our knowledge of insurance planning is our highest priority whether or not you choose to do business. 

We generally feel that just giving life insurance quotes over the internet falls short of providing a high quality level of service. If you are a do it your self – just give me the quote type, you may not be a good fit for our services.

life insurance with living benefits may be one of the most important planning steps you can take

Typically, nine out of ten people do not have the time to be aware of innovation occurring with life insurance companies.

Having access to life insurance with living benefits may be one of the most important planning steps you take. These benefits can provide money needed to make it through surviving a Chronic Illness, Critical Illness, or a Critical Accident. In other words, cash needed to keep your household or business going.

We have a select group of companies that excel with this type of complete protection. 

If you are interested in a Life Insurance review, we urge you to learn more about these plans by scheduling a call back or appointment here:



Stanley B Hawkins CLU®, Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


our service process includes:
Life Insurance Consultations          
Beneficiary & Policy Reviews
Fixed Indexed & Income Annuities
Medicare Insurance Plans
Final Expense Life Planning
Planning for Chronic Illness




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Our mission is to help individuals and business owners take action to put the cornerstones of financial planning in place – Life Insurance, Chronic & Critical Illness Insurance, and Protecting Income while working and in retirement. 

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