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annuities a great tool for retirement income protection


The Tortoise & The Hare Story Revisited

You may remember the childhood story of the “tortoise and the hare.” It goes something like this. The rabbit and the turtle agree to a race. The rabbit starts out in a blaze – fury of speed and gets initially way ahead. Our friend, the turtle, starts slow but is steady. He always is pointed towards forward progress and not getting side tracked or going backwards.

Rabbit veers of sideways occasionally and runs in circles. He some times goes backwards losing ground and takes a rest. As the story ends the hare wakes from rest and attempts to make up ground, but the tortoise has been slow and steady the whole time and finishes ahead of the hare.


are you the tortoise or the hare?

Why tell this story? Our friend the tortoise is the fixed annuity. Opposite, the hare is direct market risk based investments like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. So, while the hare may ultimately win in a long enough race he does not always make forward progress. On the other hand, the tortoise is always moving forward progress and adding to his gains while never going backwards.

Consequently, your key is to decide based on your circumstances and time horizon which of these ideas or places to put money is right for you. We can help you get the right information so that you can decide if fixed annuities are right for you.


our life & annuities policies are based on math & science

We simply offer an opportunity for you to learn about how annuities work, how the math and science of risk pooling income insurance may be in your favor. While annuities are not for everyone,  In certain circumstances, you can utilize them as a very appropriate cash flow planning tool. 

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clients will know available annuities are made to provide a reliable and predictable stream of income to supplement a retirement plan

Do you have an existing annuity that you purchased some time ago? Would you like to have a no-obligation professional review of your annuity?  Potential benefits are too important to overlook. 

Clients should not put off knowing the results of a thorough annuity policy review. Further, we have professional resources available to be sure you have a complete understanding of your annuity contract. 


your free professional review of your current annuity or life policy

You can receive our complimentary annuity review with no charge to you. With your permission, we can include one or more  telephone calls to the insurance company to confirm key components or questions with your policy.  




annuities a great tool for retirement income protection


you can plan for gaps in income to cover necessary expense



Annuities are a tool for income protection for those looking to guarantee a portion of their life income needs. Book your free review consultation here:  MAKE APPOINTMENT