annuities a great tool for retirement income protection


 plan for gaps in income to cover necessary expenses




“Do you remember the childhood story of the Tortoise and the Hare? Are you the Tortoise or the Hare with your money?”


annuities – a tool for retirement income distribution and protection

  • Based on Math & Science
  • Guaranteed Income
  • Guaranteed Interest Rate
  • Name Beneficiaries
  • Bypass Probate Court

The tortoise (annuities) may win in a race with the hare (mutual funds) for producing a reliable stream of income.







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Let’s Revisit the Tortoise and The Hare Story…

What portion of your money is protected from a Direct Market downturn?

The story goes something like this. The rabbit and the turtle agree to a race. The rabbit starts out in a blaze of speed, gets way ahead but tends to go in circles, back and forth, and take long breaks. He also goes backwards at times losing ground.

On the other hand, the turtle sets a course straight ahead and always goes forward at a steady pace and never goes backwards. He may take a break and then resume the forward progress.

The tortoise, due to the steady progress in the story, finishes ahead of the hare.

Why tell this story? The Tortoise is a fixed or fixed index annuity, while the Hare is direct market risk based tools like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Many people will utilize all of these type financial products at some point in their lives. The key for many people is to know what is appropriate for their circumstances. This may include income, expenses, healthcare, and whether working or retired.

In a long enough race, direct market tools like stocks and mutual funds may win over annuities. But, that’s just it – do you have the time or should you place all your eggs in one basket?

If you have an old annuity that was purchased some years ago, you may benefit from having a professional review of your annuity contract while revisiting your current goals. Before considering a replacement of an annuity with another annuity, contract terms should be reviewed carefully with complete understanding

In many cases the old annuity will have some favorable benefits that may be available in the contract language.

We will review your annuity at no charge and with no obligation to purchase any financial products. 

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