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If you have Medicare parts A & B, then you are eligible to purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Generally, their is an open enrollment period of approximately six months surrounding your 65th birthday, and once you obtain Medicare Part B.

Can you replace a current Medicare Supplement Plan with another plan?

The answer is yes you can. Your Medicare Supplement plan can be replaced through-out the year.

We have ten years of experience in helping those eligible for Medicare understand their options.



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how do agents work and help with the process?


Especially relevant, is that each state requires licensed medical insurance agents be licensed specifically to sell Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

In addition, agents may be based in the state or be located out of state of where the insured lives. However, agents must be properly licensed in the state where the insured resides either as a resident or non-resident agent.

In summary, even if you never see an agent, buy online or over the telephone, each agent is required to be properly licensed in the state where you live and the insurance company pays compensation to the agent and any agent up-line or downline hierarchy.

This means you can focus on the qualify of service, care, and respect for your needs without worrying about any agent charging you more for the same company plans in which you qualify for.

Stanley B Hawkins CLU® and CRC®, in addition to state insurance licenses in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee; has achieved the professional designations of Chartered Life Underwriter® and Certified Retirement Counselor®.


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your hospital benefit period?

For you, a hospital benefit period begins on the first day you receive services as an inpatient in a hospital. For insured customers receiving hospital benefits; your benefit period ends after you have been out of the hospital or skilled nursing facility for 60 consecutive days.

our clients  most popular plans

The most popular plans are Plans F | G | N | & high deductible plan F.

For most, plans F & G are designed to provide more complete coverage. These plans are usually the favorites among Medicare eligible insured.

Plans C, D, F, G, M, and N also provide for Foreign Emergency Travel medical care.


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“Medicare Supplement Insurance may be purchased year-around provided you have Medicare coverage parts A & B”





how to get information easy and apply?


  • First, a traditional meeting in office or home, coffee shop.
  • Second, a telephone conference and online application.
  • Third, a web conference with telephone – online application
  • Fourth, by mail with telephone follow up.

more about Medicare supplement insurance

briefly the concept of protection

Your Medicare supplement insurance policy is a type of healthcare insurance that private insurance companies offer to those eligible for Medicare. Most noteworthy, original or regular Medicare only pays for a percentage portion of your medical expenses, generally about 80%.

Consequently, after Medicare pays their part, all remaining expenses become your responsibility unless you have some form of supplemental coverage.

Your Medicare supplement plans are designed to cover all or some of the difference depending upon which Medicare Supplement plan you have.

how are premiums set in a state?

Your Insurance company is required to charge you the same price as they charge others in your demographic group who have the same policy form.

Customers can never single you out personally for a rate increase. Furthermore, your premium is the same for like policies forms approved by the state, regardless of whether you deal with a local, long distance, or online insurance agent.

To clarify, client’s  policies are guaranteed to never be cancelled as long as you pay the premium. Customers who have a Medicare Supplement plan can never be singled out for a change in your premium for any reasons including claims history.

how do agents get paid for their work?

Client’s premiums are paid to the insurance company first. As a result, commissions are paid to Medicare supplement insurance agents usually on an annual basis and are a percentage of the annual premiums paid by the insured. Customers may not be charged by the agent for Medicare reviews and advice according to Medicare rules.

Customers who buy this product should know that your premium rates are approved by the state. Most of all, your premium is not changed or increased because of commissions, you can rest easy knowing you are not alone

Most of all, state premium rates are applied for by the insurance companies and are approved by each state’s department of insurance. Finally, in North Carolina you can check these out at


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